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First Post! What is TCG World? Why am I doing this?

Picture Credit: TCG World Website

What the heck is TCG World? And why am I starting a blog about it? TCG World is, essentially, a video game. A metaverse. If you look at some of the videos released from their official Youtube, you might want to compare it to games such as Fortnite, The SIMS, or perhaps World of Warcraft, in terms of the look and style of what you're seeing.

But what makes TCG World stand apart is the blockchain. Unlike those other games I mentioned, everything you'll collect and earn in-game is something you can turn around and sell for cryptocurrency and turn into cash. Real Cash!

Creatures, cars and avatars, most everything in the game is a NFT, or Non-fungible token. You'll be able to list it and sell it.

Furthermore, TCG World has 100,000 plots of land they're selling to the public, which are also NFTs. That means you can actually OWN a part of the world! It's yours forever until you decide to part with it.

You'll be able to build just about anything you want on your land, and live a life separate from your own in a unique world full of adventure and fun. Go on quests! Capture and battle with creatures called Sprites! Meet up with a friend and have some fun!

You can even run a business within TCG World and earn TCG2. I expect a lot of NFT businesses to pop up, but also some unique businesses that might offer services and/or real products that would be shipped directly to your home.

The possibilities really endless!

The one thing I am most looking forward to is the scenery. TCG World is absolutely stunning to look at. Whenever there's a new video posted, I like to look beyond what the main focus of the video is and stare at what's beyond: the snowy mountains, the beautiful lakes, the trees, and the sky. Especially the sky. I can almost feel fresh air on my skin from just watching these videos.

The world they've built is a paradise. A utopia. It's inviting and calm.. and much needed in the metaverse space.

I've left a lot out about what TCG World is, or can be. This first blog post could go on and on. The point of The Sprite Report is to dive deeper into every aspect that is TCG World. I'll do my best to keep everyone up to date and informed on everything that's important and news worthy.. and then some! I look forward to hashing out all these future blog posts, and then to eventually.. meet you in TCG World!

Thanks for reading! I appreciate you!

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