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TCG World Facebook Live #28 Highlights - One To Remember!

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

This was an INSANE one to watch! WOW! It has now been uploaded to Youtube in better quality. Click Here to watch!

The updates:

- A lot has happened this week for TCG World

- Alex about Alpha coming soon and how important it will be for the project. TCG World is no longer a dream or an idea, it'll be people actually logging in and seeing for themselves.

- Quarter 1 Alpha, Quarter 2 Beta, Quarter 3 Launch

- TCG World is doing some jaw dropping stuff behind the scenes. Be prepared for a lot of things coming up. (And it was proven later on in this AMA....)

- They plan to do more Twitter Spaces, more Telegram chats and such.

- Talks about AMA #26, a previous AMA with Alex that had the building video. Click here to watch it!

- Talks about the Dragon Floor Price now 0.295 ETH as of the video. (See the Dragon NFT Collection on OpenSea - Click Here)

- Talks about the Dragon NFTs having more utility in the future.

- Shows the Dragon Concept Art that was released previously. They're working to get those 3D rendered soon. Shoutout to artist Mike Miller!

- Brand new photo of a Dragon.

Shelley Sparkles likely screamed when she saw this dragon.

- All creatures in the game will be uniquely created. David has an awesome plan for the dragons in-game.

- Dragon mounts have been implemented in the world officially!

- New Plot Images incoming for the land NFTs

- Shows images of Silver Asia, Gold Asia, Platinum Asia and Diamond Asia.

Tourism to the Asia Region just went bonkers.

- New Creature Concepts shown.

Adolescent Turtles vs Ewookies.

- Reminder that Gold Plots increasing to 2 or 3 BNB for the Presale Price before Alpha. Likely 2 BNB but may be more. No date for this.

- Commercial plot prices are also increasing for city plots. No number given publicly.

- Giveaway Winners for the week:

- Cryptolution Giveaway: @DogoZambrano wins a gold plot.

- Twitter Sunday Funday Giveaway: @AnFireDragon wins a Dragon NFT

- TCG World Refer-A-Friend Giveaway:

- Roy Johnson wins a Silver Plot - that's me I had no idea!!!!

- Tim Marina wins a Gold Plot (Shoutout to the Beverly Whales!)

- Grandpa Boris wins a Platinum Plot

- Talks about current and future giveaways:

- Minting Giveaway with Funky Monkey Frat House, The Matic Greys, Cyber Hornet Colony Club, and Collect-A-Ball

- Twitter Space Giveaways coming up

- To enter these next giveaways you have to watch and then answer a quick quiz to enter. Winners will be announced the next week on the next Twitter Spac.e

- March 16th Twitter Space with Collect-A-Ball NFT

- March 23rd Twitter Space with The Cyber Hornet Colony Club

- March 30th Twitter Space with The Matic Greys

- April 6th Twitter Space with the Funky Monkey Frat House

- April 13th Twitter Space Closing Party with Live Giveaways

- Prize for the Funky Monkey Frat House: Mike Miller is giving away a custom Genesis Monkey (going for 2 ETH now)

- Shows a Meta Money Youtube Video - See it below:

- Announces that Meta Money did an Interview with TCG World (Alex) This video will be released tomorrow (Saturday March 12th)

- Announces a Giveaway tomorrow with Meta Money folks - prizes are: Dragon NFT, Gold Plot, Platinum Plot

- TCG World is going to Conventions in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego.

- TCG World is hosting an event in Las Vegas on July 8th to 10th. Inviting partners and other projects for a huge event. More details on this in the next couple of months.

- Verified Guild Process and Standards are Incoming Soon.

- New Procgen System getting developed

- Two different styles to build - one will be top down down and one will be up-close (Similar in style to building in FortNite)

- Alex explains how the Community has helped the project by providing contacts to big players. He also thanks the Community for being one of the best out there, not like a lot of other crypto projects.

- Talks about David wanting to build everything first, then show everyone (advertise)

- Alex shows 3 videos that amaze everyone. Insane. Go watch them for yourselves! They're shown towards the end of the video, and I expect they'll be released soon. GO WATCH THEM!!! The photos below are blurry (dang Facebook) and do not give these justice. I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO WATCH THEM!!!!

- 1st video showed a little bit of building. House on the shore.

- 2nd Video showed a Monster Truck roaming around, crashing, etc.

- 3rd Video showed an Avatar flying around on a dragon.

Watch the video here:

Next AMA will be Friday March 18th.

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