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Eye For Detail: The Little Details in the Valor Bare Knuckle Trailer

How cool is the Valor trailer??? One of my favorite videos so far from TCG World!

One of the things I love to do when I first watch the new videos is to look beyond what the main focus is. Look everywhere to find hidden things and admire the finer details. The little touches that don't have to be there, but are. The passion from the developers behind the scene that shines the brightest in the world.

The World's Most Dangerous Lion

The star of the show! The Valor Avatar! The Golden Lion!

Nothing has been said about this Lion Avatar yet, or if it'll even be available - but LOOK AT IT! The scratches around the eyes! Or is it war paint? The shiny armor! It's a badass gladiator. If this becomes available for sale - I'll be first in line to get it.

The little things: Reflective surfaces in TCG World. The armor is reflecting the light perfectly. What a cool effect!

It's so shiny!

Forever Endure! This blimp is pretty interesting. It's seen hovering over the fighting arena. Looks like there are four landing pads on the bottom.. or maybe that's some futuristic hovering system?

Not the Hindenburg

I love seeing the city peaking out in the distance. Guessing this is the central city in Asia.

Imagine what the view from the top of one of those skyscrapers!

We're getting absolutely spoiled with the views in this game. Look at those snowy mountains. Do you think they'll be scalable? Can we hike in the metaverse?

Here's hoping it's not like Mount Everest with the Dearest Departed still up there.

Look at these trees! Is that a Purple Wisteria tree in TCG World?

A perfect spot for a picnic.

The little things: They didn't have to add small flowers in the grassy areas, but they're there! I can't wait to see if I we pick flowers in TCG World!

Weeds are cool.

There are several different lion statues seen in the video, all of various sizes. Some are in different poses. Inside and outside buildings. In this shot you can see four different sizes of them.

"Everything the light touches... is our kingdom."

Look at the cool Architecture in this glass ceiling from the inside. They could have made the ceiling boring. They could have made it a simple dome or something. But they chose this. THIS! So impressive.

Design trumps boring.

We got a shot of the fighting ring. Looks like there's no barrier separating the fighters and the audience, so you might get punched on accident if you stand too close.

The squared circle.

In one of the buildings there were some areas with some display screens in them. You can see two shots of Ken Shamrock, someone working out, and a fitness magazine cover. I'm not sure what these areas will be for.

Reminds me of a camp fire. Sit around and tell old wrestling stories.