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Easter Treat: First Quarter Game Updates from TCG World

TCG World updated their website Game section! And wow, there were some surprises! This section is an amazing look at the history of the project from start to finish. It shows how the graphics and website have updated over time. I highly recommend checking it out.

The update finally adds February, March and April 2022 to the Game section. We're only halfway in April, so the April section may get more updates later on.

The highlight was definitely these holy-crap-oh-my-god-wowzers cat Sprites! WOW!

These are Mike Miller's creations come to life and wow! That's the only word I have for it... Wow! And these have been kept secret since FEBRUARY! We've seen Mike's vision for these in the Telegram chats for a few months now, but to see what they're going to look like in-game makes things real. Bravo to TCG World for holding these back for so long! And I can't wait to meet these kitties in the game!

The update also informs us they've been working on the Volcano and Beach areas since March! We've pretty much only seen the Beach so far in the Alpha streams.. what will the Volcano look like?


Development Updates

February 2022
  • Game development :

    • Adding biomes systems for regions

    • New default plot versions for all plot sizes and regions

    • LODs and Imposters development for builder assets

    • Plots builder version 1.0

  • Site frontend and backend development :

    • New cards with updated graphics added

    • 2D Web GL Map UI and UX improvements

    • Zoom on land on map via query params in url

    • SEO development

    • Multiple internal backend improvements for operational activity

  • World Generation :

    • Assets library creation based on new lods and imposters system

    • Research and development for terrain-based system migration


Development Updates

March 2022
  • Game development :

    • Plots positioning algorithm development

    • Custom creatures modeling (3 levels of evolution per each kind)

    • Volcano, beach, and other locations development

    • Integrating dragons ownership with web and blockchain

    • Dragon controller mechanics development and modeling

  • Site frontend and backend development :

    • 2D Web GL Map UI and UX improvements

    • Multiple security improvements

    • Dragons implementation on backend

    • Bug fixing

  • World Generation :

    • New grass and water systems

    • Fully migrated to the terrain-based world system

  • Blockchain Development :

    • Dragons launch on the open sea with cross-chain backend support and in-game integration

    • Opensea verification, coin distribution, dragons mint


Development Updates 😲NEWS!

April 2022
  • Game development :

    • 5 New custom TCG Cars added

    • Multiplayer improvements

    • New terrain, grass, and water systems in development

    • Plots positioning algorithm development

    • Partner scenes optimization and on terrain integration

    • Roads system development

    • Weather system development

    • Lobby graphics improvements

    • Hub development

  • Site frontend and backend development :

    • Adding the ability to add pictures on owned plots

    • Creature adding backend endpoint for game

    • Full marketplace design and fe

    • Adding coords to Land Card on site

    • Metadata updates

    • Presale page

  • World Generation :

    • Premade plots positioning on cords for terrain-based system

  • Blockchain Development :

    • Creatures smart contract development and site backend integration

    • Adding commercial plot on backend and blockchain

Check out all the updates for yourself all the way back from the project creation to now! Go here:

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Absolutely epic, TCG World is the leader when it comes to community! Thankyou sprite report for the update!

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