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Are these the WORST plots to own in TCG World?

What qualities do you look for when choosing a plot on the map? There's been a lot of talk about front and center.. being near roads.. out in the open so people can see you. Great for advertising your brand.. or someone else's.

But what about the opposite? What if you want to be a hermit. Be mysterious. You want to be closed in, hidden away from society, secluded?

There are plots on the map that, assuming everyone built up around you using 100% of their plots, you can achieve just that!

Let's look at the qualities these plots possess:

- The plot is closed in and surrounded by other plots on all sides.

- The plot is only accessible via foot or flying in from above.

Let's look at one quick example.

You'll see a lot of these silver sized plots hidden away on all four sides by golds, usually.

This one is a silver farm in Asia. Let's look at it in game.

Here is it on the mini map. It looks like you might be able to access it where the gold plots meet up.

Let's visit and test that.

Nope, doesn't look like it. The gold plot borders actually touch each other.

Assuming these gold plots are built to the edge, and built up all the way to their max of 20 meters... How would your avatar access your silver farm beyond? It would only be possible via dragon and plane!

But fear not.. they actually do have a gap. Here's me at another location, this is a gold plot on the left hand side - it appears to have 2 borders, a blue and green one. The blue one I believe is the real border and allows the player to pass by when next to other plots.

So it seems to be a visual bug - you CAN access these plots via land.

Above is a clearer shot, gold plot on my left hand side, and nothing on my right hand side. You can see there's a "gap" in between the plot border of this gold.

See below for the walkway. This is the size of the gap you'll be able to access your plot with.

That's my fat-headed pumpkin avatar walking between that silver farm and the border of a gold plot.

The fun quirks these hidden plots have:

- They are only accessible by walking through a thin one-person gap or from flying in.

- NO CARS - if you spawn a car inside you can't drive it out. And no driving up to these plots in style.

- They won't be able to be seen if everyone builds around them - silvers are only 10m high, Golds can build twice as high. Throw in a platinum and a diamond and you're in the shadows.

Let's look at another grouping that has more plots enclosed.

Sure, there's lots of ways to get to the enclosed plots in this example, I count 15 ways to be exact... but with a wall of golds all around, the central gold and silver plots will be hidden away in secret, accessible only via a claustrophobic pathway.

And if the platinum and diamond plots build up higher?

These plots will be an island of their own!

Now.. I'm not saying any of this is bad. In my eyes these plots are special. They are more interesting than a normal plot. It comes out to what you want to do in the game! Do you want a wide open space that's easily found, or do you want to be more mysterious?

There are soooo many examples! These are just some I've found:

Look at all those! 13 plots surrounded.

There's tons more to find on the map!

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments!

Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report!

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Wow! Nice work Roy. You have put in a lot of work and effort. I don't think any plot is worst as long as you know how to intelligently and efficiently manage it.

Me gusta

I think all pots have a purpose in the world!!!

Me gusta
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