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Alpha Time! Today I Visited Elongate's Headquarters in the TCG World Metaverse!

Updated: Apr 29

Enzo welcomes you to Elongate's Headquarters!

I am so honored, so blessed, so thankful, and so grateful to be one of the very first people to step into TCG World. I cannot express this feeling enough. I am sometimes not good with emotions, but this is a strong one within me. It's been 11 long (some would say short) months of development.. and there's a long way to go still. Much work is still needed. But whoa.. the world is beautiful. The dream has come into reality. Today I took a stroll over to Elongate's Headquarters in TCG World! We were in the forest and Elongate was nearby, so I had to check it out. It was pretty much exactly like the original video. The only changes I noticed were some environmental changes around the plot, such as red-ish flowers added near the outdoor theater, a few things here and there, nothing too major.

First, see the original trailer:

Here's the screenshots I took, I hope you enjoy!

SPOILER ALERT! If you want to experience this yourself for the first time, don't go any further!

I got there right as the sun was setting... I got this shot of Enzo welcoming everyone before the night came. I then waited until daylight.

There's a few gyms spread around. Enzo gonna pump... you up!

And a couple classrooms. And a robot teacher! She looks very cool.

My new friend! She's ready to teach ya.

I helped her out for a little while.

One of my favorite things to do is look out the windows in buildings. This window has a view of the big EG logo.

Another window show, looking down at the Elongate lobby.

It's an addition. I see my dragon and the sprite statues.

Lab time!