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Alpha Time! Today I Visited Elongate's Headquarters in the TCG World Metaverse!

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Enzo welcomes you to Elongate's Headquarters!

I am so honored, so blessed, so thankful, and so grateful to be one of the very first people to step into TCG World. I cannot express this feeling enough. I am sometimes not good with emotions, but this is a strong one within me. It's been 11 long (some would say short) months of development.. and there's a long way to go still. Much work is still needed. But whoa.. the world is beautiful. The dream has come into reality. Today I took a stroll over to Elongate's Headquarters in TCG World! We were in the forest and Elongate was nearby, so I had to check it out. It was pretty much exactly like the original video. The only changes I noticed were some environmental changes around the plot, such as red-ish flowers added near the outdoor theater, a few things here and there, nothing too major.

First, see the original trailer:

Here's the screenshots I took, I hope you enjoy!

SPOILER ALERT! If you want to experience this yourself for the first time, don't go any further!

I got there right as the sun was setting... I got this shot of Enzo welcoming everyone before the night came. I then waited until daylight.

There's a few gyms spread around. Enzo gonna pump... you up!

And a couple classrooms. And a robot teacher! She looks very cool.

My new friend! She's ready to teach ya.

I helped her out for a little while.

One of my favorite things to do is look out the windows in buildings. This window has a view of the big EG logo.

Another window show, looking down at the Elongate lobby.

It's an addition. I see my dragon and the sprite statues.

Lab time!

Books and folders inside the cabinets.

There's a large arcade in another building with a variety of games.

This game was up to number 7.. which means there's 6 previous tennis themed games that were successful!

This one was one of my favorites. Just looked fun and the lil guy is cute. For the record these are unfortunately unplayable right at the moment.. who knows what the future holds!

A variety of video games.

The claw machines were fun! Love this lil toast dude.

Fat penguins.

More fun stuff to win.

The whale is pretty impressive. This is a shot from above.

A few robotic personnel are spread throughout behind desks and such.

Another gym.

Treadmills with a view!

Here's some whale shots from below.

Here's the Sprite statues from outside. I wanna make a note that these may change, as these particular creatures will eventually be fazed out in favor of Mike Miller's unique creations for TCG World sprites.

There's a small outdoor amphitheater.

I'm so happy I got this shot. This is the sun coming up. I was inside one of the labs, and it was BEAUTIFUL.

At night time, a window.

Robot personnel working at night. I guess this makes Elongate able to be open 24/7? lol

Those Sprite statues at night.

Whale at night.

Outdoors at night. The stars in TCG World are amazing.

I believe I'm still on Elongate's plot in this picture. It's a very large plot. But look at how small Enzo is from here!

And one more look at Enzo, waving goodbye !

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