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Alpha Time! Let's Look at the Starter Hub Area in TCG World!

The Hub is where you spawn at in the TCG World Alpha. It's been seen in a few videos already.. but there's a lot of stuff not seen in that video. The video never shows what's inside the main building..... but I do!

Please know that the coordinates are not set in stone, and that David said TODAY this Hub location may change as early as this weekend.

Also this is a bit of a SPOILER Post.. so if you want to be surprised at what you find in TCG World - turn away now fair traveler!

Enjoy the screenshots everyone! This is the TCG World Metaverse! Welcome!!

The stairs to the auditorium. I'm not sure what they're planning on calling this building.. but that's what I call it. The HUB is actually behind me in the top picture.

I stop to marvel at the various dragons on display. They look great going up both sides to the doors.

Anyone know if any of these dragons shown outside are rare?

Getting closer!

Eh, not going in yet. Let's take a look around the whole building first. Notice the windows and the reflections. It's beautiful.

Here's me looking into a window. What could be in there?

This is the backside. The doors were locked.

Hello? Knock Knock!

Heading back towards the front, here's the side of the building.

A side entrance, also locked.

You enter.. and surprise! More Dragons! The staircase railing in this area is pretty cool.

Looks like drop down TVs on the side too. They weren't on or anything, I was hoping to catch an episode of Star Trek or something.

Love looking out the windows! Didn't mean to catch the TCG rings so perfectly, but framed pretty well on the left there!

So upstairs this hallway goes all around the building.

Dreaming of cracking that crystal outside.

When you first enter the middle, this is what you see! It's a huge auditorium with 3 levels, each with seats. Perfect for important speakers, or maybe a theater play. A concert maybe?

These are likely the worst seats in the house - directly behind the huge drop down pictures.

On the floor looking up at David's King Dragon NFT!

The next pictures are of the Welcome Hub. And of course when I got out there, it was night time. We've seen a lot of this in some videos posted by TCG - but there were some surprises here too!

If you head out this way there's a little example of what Asia looks like.

The middle has the TCG Rings, plus spots for Events, News, Regions and Locations (Partner Plots) within the TCG World Metaverse.

Sun is going down. The ceiling still looks cool though. So does the ground actually!

Looking at the North region.

Each region has a little setup - this is Asia's. An example of some of the buildings seen over in Asia.

And here was one of the surprises for me - NPCs! We got a bartender and some patrons waiting to be served. Each one doing some automatic emotes on repeat, like hand gestures, pointing, etc.

Pay attention to this lady. She's looking at her nails.

This area is pretty cool. There's 4 Pool tables and people chilling on the couches.

Later on I adventured out at night to get some cool shots of the places.

Notice all the reflections on the glass on the building. So dang cool.

The paths outside are glittery. These screenshots do not do justice to this area. It's beautiful at night.

Inside the Hub at night.

Oh a crystal! You can see these from very far away.

The bar at night.

A few patrons at the various bars.

I jumped the bar and served a few. Or at least posed like I did.

These look good lit up.

Hello Women in Crypto!

Hey homies, what's up? I'm with it, I'm hip! Can I be in your gang?

A conversation with friends.

Here's the pool tables at night - so dark you can't see they're green.

This is the News post at night.

Huge sectional couch!

Events at night. Nothing posted.. yet!

Here's some shots from above.

Huge Dragon or Dinosaur skull looks amazing.

My dragon posing with it's Great-Grandfather.

A little bit of the North.

A windy road goes around it. There are plots to be owned near the road!

This shot is great! The sun set.. and a giant plot, plus the road!

The roads.

I take two pictures a lot. The sunset / sunrise - and me looking out windows.

Plots look so cool at night.

Directly above the auditorium.

This is a good shot of the plots to the right, and the path to the left.

Looking at the hub from the front of the auditorium.

I went inside for this shot. This is inside the auditorium looking at the ceiling.

And looking outside the front doors. Great shot of the dragon and the TCG rings.

And the beautiful night sky!

Did you scroll through all the pics?

Did you notice all the coordinates on them?

Well if you made it this far, I guess I can show you on the map where it's at!

But please know we are in an ALPHA TESTING PHASE. This location may not be set in stone. Everything you see may change. This hub might not be here when the game goes live.

This hub is in the East. It takes up the space just below the large commercial spot. I believe it actually extends into that commercial spot a little bit.

Here's the in-game map view:

Approx Coordinates: 7700 6600 - a little below the large commercial spot. Again - location subject to change!

If you choose to pick up a plot in this area, put in "The Sprite Report" in the referral box so TCG knows this blog is effective!

A Zoom into the area:

These two shots are right outside the entrance or exit to the HUB area. Plots can be seen right off the road.

As always being in-game looks much better than these screenshots, but you can see some of the plots semi-close to this road in the background.

There's a bunch of trees in these areas - I didn't see any that had a 100% clear view (nothing in front of it). Again this is Alpha, everything can change, including locations of things (not plots of course), shrubbery, rocks, etc.

The next 8 pictures are me walking the road around the Hub and Auditorium area and checking out the map. These next shots will give you a more exact idea on where this is start to finish.

Approx this area:

Can't say this enough, this is not financial advice, just my observations. But if you do decide to pick up a plot because of this report, please put The Sprite Report as a referral! Hope you've enjoyed this article!


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One last photo.. just outside at night.

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