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Alpha Time! Let's Look at the Starter Hub Area in TCG World!

The Hub is where you spawn at in the TCG World Alpha. It's been seen in a few videos already.. but there's a lot of stuff not seen in that video. The video never shows what's inside the main building..... but I do!

Please know that the coordinates are not set in stone, and that David said TODAY this Hub location may change as early as this weekend.

Also this is a bit of a SPOILER Post.. so if you want to be surprised at what you find in TCG World - turn away now fair traveler!

Enjoy the screenshots everyone! This is the TCG World Metaverse! Welcome!!

The stairs to the auditorium. I'm not sure what they're planning on calling this building.. but that's what I call it. The HUB is actually behind me in the top picture.

I stop to marvel at the various dragons on display. They look great going up both sides to the doors.

Anyone know if any of these dragons shown outside are rare?

Getting closer!

Eh, not going in yet. Let's take a look around the whole building first. Notice the windows and the reflections. It's beautiful.

Here's me looking into a window. What could be in there?

This is the backside. The doors were locked.