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All the Things I Created for the TCG World Advent Calendar

Some time in November I came up with the idea for the Advent Calendar, and I soon found myself setting it up.

A private group was started and we got it going. Oggy pumped out some sprite photos, PJ made a Santa video to announce it on the AMA towards the end of November. It got real very quick!

I used the gleam platform for the giveaways. Each gleam contest was made daily - so not much could be made in advance, and what was made in advance was often updated day of by myself. I updated all the current twitter and facebook posts for retweeting and sharing as much as possible. It was kinda funny, I had to juggle multiple days at the same time. I set the contests to start on Midnight Australia time - the announcement went out on all socials at midnight EST time - the door opened up midnight local time no matter where you were at. I had to make each contest about 26 hours in advance, which was a little bit before the new contest started for Australia, which was hours after the newest day was announced on Twitter. It was a challenge at times!

By the start of December, I had the first 8 or so graphics ready to go. I think they got better towards the end, but here's all 25 days: