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All the Things I Created for the TCG World Advent Calendar

Some time in November I came up with the idea for the Advent Calendar, and I soon found myself setting it up.

A private group was started and we got it going. Oggy pumped out some sprite photos, PJ made a Santa video to announce it on the AMA towards the end of November. It got real very quick!

I used the gleam platform for the giveaways. Each gleam contest was made daily - so not much could be made in advance, and what was made in advance was often updated day of by myself. I updated all the current twitter and facebook posts for retweeting and sharing as much as possible. It was kinda funny, I had to juggle multiple days at the same time. I set the contests to start on Midnight Australia time - the announcement went out on all socials at midnight EST time - the door opened up midnight local time no matter where you were at. I had to make each contest about 26 hours in advance, which was a little bit before the new contest started for Australia, which was hours after the newest day was announced on Twitter. It was a challenge at times!

By the start of December, I had the first 8 or so graphics ready to go. I think they got better towards the end, but here's all 25 days:

I really liked how Day 6 turned out. The blues looked so good.

Day 8 was my favorite for a long time. I really liked what I did with the dragon, plus the gold background because we were giving away a gold plot that day.

Day 9 used an actual screenshot from the North that I took : )

Day 10 is actually a screenshot from Blaze!

Day 13 I really enjoyed too. The colors made it.

Day 14 probably my favorite out of them all . The blue background I found made it, and the dog's shimmering fur really went well with it. Yep my fav, calling it.

Day 16 is so simple it's one of my favorite's too. What do you add to just snow? I found these snowman sketches and they fit in perfect.

And Day 17 also one of my favs. I pushed this one up to match The Matic Greys as they were giving away some NFTs this day as well.

This shot was so beautiful that I removed the bottom box.

Day 20 turned out so good too. I don't know if we'll ever see these two Sprites together again, I hope so! But they some how go together very well lol.

Look at this one! Red and Black are my favorite color combination and I'm very happy with how Day 21 turned out.

Around these days it was getting harder to figure out what to do lol. But this beach one looked good.

I had asked in the DRC for some Santa Hat dragons and it was hard choosing 3, but this is another favorite image I made.

And Day 25 was kind of a lame image but hey, Christmas!

Here was the link to the calendar - don't know how long this will be available because it's a free third party service.

When we were discussing how to do the advent calendar, Oggy had put some Santa hats on some Sprites. Him doing that really helped get the juices flowing and got me started. Here they are below:

I also made a lot of Day Code images.

I hid those images just about anywhere I could think of that was related to TCG World socials. As long as everyone could find them, it was open game. This meant groups like the plot group were off limits.

Some places I hid them:

- Facebook Description

- Facebook Community group description

- Facebook Community group among the Sprite pictures

- Telegram announcement channel

- Discord announcement channel

- Telegram description.

- Post on Reddit

- Post on Twitter

- Post on Instagram

- One of PJ Krypto's short videos

- Announced on the Live AMA

- As a comment under various TCG World videos on Youtube

- I asked David to post one on his main Twitter

- And on Day 24 since they were doing the hard work every day I reserved it exclusively for the MetaBitBros video : ) They made it extra special!

Here's the images I made:

And finally I had to do each day's winner announcement by adding a new ornament to this, with the name attached. I made this 25 day winner list completely from scratch. And I just updated the graphic every time I had to announce a new winner - so I don't have the originals for Day 1-24, just the final shot.

Additional pictures related/unrelated:

I made this background and used it for the Advent Calendar. Loved how it turned out.

I forget who put the hat on the TCG Rings - it might have been Paul - but it was brilliant. This came about 'cause I had asked that on December 1st ALL social profiles change to the same image / holiday image.

When stuff looks as good as the image above, you know I didn't make it haha. Credit to Thousandaire.

Oggy made the above, love it!

I had made this as a potential banner, but I don't think it was ever used.

These were some screenshots I did - not related to the calendar event but figured they were wintery enough.

That's all I got : )

Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report!

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