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A Bear Walks into a Metaverse... Exploring TCG World and the Alpha Stream with Jace

Spoiler Warning and Disclaimer: If you don't want spoilers and/or want to experience and discover the world for yourself, this article might not be for you.

With that said, these screenshots are from Alpha - very early Alpha - and Alpha is a testing phase. What you see may or may not be in the game at launch. The game and graphics are constantly getting updated and upgraded. Buildings can move. Scenery changed. Everything from that bush over there, to the buttons on the UI, it all may change by the time everyone gains access to Alpha, or by the time the game launches later this year.

Here are some screenshots I took from a few days ago as well as last night's Alpha Adventure with Jace! A bear's point of view!

Hope you enjoy!

At the river area in the forest, enjoying all the flowers.

That plot over looks the river.

A variety of flowers and plants all along the river.

A pink bear hiding in pink flowers.

The river, the clouds, a great shot!

Me coming out of a tent. These tents have since been removed. These tents, houses, etc. were filler-ins on people's plots, just to give some decorations. In the latest Alpha update the plots are empty. I think empty plots are better in the long run.

Love how you can see the plants under the water.

There's so many pathways and such going down to the river. It's really cool to see them all.

Great shot that includes the clouds.

So many pictures of the sky : )

I'm in a plot in this one - again most / all of these little decorations are gone and the plots are blank in the current build.

Cool shot showing the size difference between a Platinum, a Gold, and Silver plots.

Almost got pricked!

Flying at night is very cool, the trees are very colorful in the metaverse.

This is a huge hill, I'm looking down. This is in the East.

Looking up at the night sky.

The moon!

Such color in the trees. I believe this is the East still.


Found some bamboo.

Outside of the starter Hub.

Back at the river area. Sky is beautiful.

Always love the water.

The sun starts to set in TCG World.

I love the clouds.

Getting darker.

Getting my suit wet.

Flowers at sundown.

Mid jump.

Into the red. <3

It's like Valentine's Day in here.

Dropped down to some yellow flowers.

Below is the start of the Alpha stream:

Waiting for Jace. This picture shows the TCG rings shadowed on the ground.

Sun starts to set.

Some more shots of the sun setting in TCG World on Alpha day.

Jace in a car, we're showing off a plot near the Hub in this one.

Just a bear staring off into the distance. Probably blind from staring at the sun all day.

Beautiful Alpha clouds. Sun is rising.

Jace taking a carnival prize bear for a spin in his new car.

I should note - once you are in a vehicle or a dragon, you can zoom out. I always do. I prefer playing third person from around this distance. You can zoom in closer of course.

Heading out to Monster Jam.

Posing by the monster truck.

Looking up at Jace on his dragon.

This is in the East, we were heading towards the Forest.

In the middle of a Diamond plot. These plots are HUGE.

I always love stopping for a flower shot.

Above a Diamond plot.

Jace was having some teleportation issues, so I flew to the forest to the river and took this shot.

Just chilling by the river.

Can't resist the yellow sky shots!

Above plots at night.

I believe this is when we were heading towards the Elongate, possibly the Racing Area.

Plot at night.

Ahh there we go - there's Elongate HQ from a distance. Also the Forest hub. And all these plots right in front of them.

Beautiful shot with the moon. I had to re-log at some point and I forgot to select the bear lol.

Elongate and the moon.

Jace starting building on a plot. This was my view of his beautiful creation.

Normally you're not allowed to build just anywhere, or on someone else's plot. This is Alpha. Testing. Alpha testing : )

Jace closed all the walls so I had no other way in, other than dropping from above.

I drove my truck off his building and it landed upside down. Go figures! And hey.. lamp!

I thought this shot lined up perfectly, Elongate HQ and the TCG World vehicle. An incredible duo. Looked awesome!

Jace's building skills.

I love lamp.

Lamp Lamp Lamp.

Solo lamp.

We headed up to the area above the race track. This is the end (or start) of one of the roads. I wish I had taken more screenshots in this area, but was trying to keep up with Jace's super car.

This shows how close some of the plots in the area are to the road. There are some plots even closer to the road.

Back at the Hub - this is the little North example area they have there.

Player 3 has entered the game!

This is a shot near the Racing Track.

Dragon in a plot.

That's Mark flying ahead.

This is me emoting with the dragon. The dragon can snap, swipe and a few other emotes. Also note the chat box. Chat isn't quite ready, but I wanted to show it regardless.

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed the pics!

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