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WebGL Map with Call Outs

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BSC Contract: 0xF73d8276C15Ce56b2f4AeE5920e62F767A7f3aEA

ETH Contract: 0x0d31DF7dedd78649A14aAe62D99CcB23aBCC3A5A


Land: 0x31A0d958fa62761309102b89EFA2C0c63d590D67
Castles: 0xf2b30E5939d3d7C47F54b556D07c9C7BD7cFe9e0
Cars: 0x04c0b5d17e77CBB6d4964D3288D4a4393c3bAa41
Dragons: 0x77654e7E579b3C817a3672C1c66c050058b92B85


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How To Join The Exclusive Land Channels

Scam Awareness - It's Up To You to Protect Yourself!

Help Videos:

How to Buy TCG2 (BSC)

How to Buy TCG2 (ETH)

How to Manage TCG Assets on Ledger

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Old Stuff You Might Like:

TCG World OLD Alpha Pics

Sprite Leaderboard History (OLD)

I refuse to call it X - it will always be Twitter for me.  

Live Long and Prosper!

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